Thursday, January 24, 2008

Dont Smoke!

I really dont know why anyone smokes. It is the most disgusting habit ever! So my patient the other day was a really nice lady and she was also my first patient that smokes. YIKES! I dont really like the smell of smoke but it never really bothered me that bad. Well out of all the patients that I have seen since the beginning of school this was the grossest by far. I had a mask on and everything but the smell was indescribable. Also she had dark brown stains on all of her teeth that took forever to get off. It was not pretty. Dont every smoke!


Aaron and Camile Family said...

I can't imagine cleaning a normal mouth, let alone a smoking one! I hope you don't have to work when you're pregnant because you would probably get sick all over the person who has a mouth like that!
p.s. when are your test/s in March?

Jimmy and Angela said...

Great picture to go along with your point! Sorry for the gross experience- it'll be great teaching tool when you teach your kids about the Word of Wisdom. Hopefully, you won't get any more smokers!

On another subject, Steph goes off track the end of March and the beginning of April and we wanted to plan a girls trip to Boise and meet up with Camile & Jen on a Fri, Sat & then come home Sun. Do you have any Friday off after your Boards that you could come with?